Various activities in Iceland


Photos from Icelandic caves


Churches in Iceland

Iceland is famous for its churches. Most of them are Lutheran, because Lutheranism is the state religion of Iceland, but there are also some Catholic churches, including the cathedral in Reykjavik. Visiting Icelandic churches is an interesting way to learn about Iceland's history and sagas.


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East Iceland

Photos from East Iceland


Photos of recent eruptions in Iceland.

Exotic bathing

Photos from exotic bathing sites in Iceland.


Photos of Icelandic glaciers

Greater Reykjavik Area

Photos from the Greater Reykjavik Area

Icelandic towns

Photos of Icelandic towns


Photos of lakes

Lava fields

Photos of Icelandic lava fields.

North Iceland

Photos from North Iceland

Northern lights

Northern lights

Northern lights or Aurora Borealis are one of the most spectacular shows on earth and can be seen in Iceland from September to April on clear and crisp nights. The dominant colors of Aurora Borealis are usually white and green, but sometimes there are considerable color variations, because the pressure and the composition of the atmosphere varies at different altitudes. Seeing northern lights is a fascinating experience and a must  for everybody, visiting Iceland in wintertime.


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South Iceland

Photos from South Iceland

Southern Peninsula

Pictures from Reykjanesskagi, Southern Peninsula in Iceland.


Photos of Icelandic volcanoes


Photos of Icelandic waterfalls

West Fjords

Photos from the West Fjords

West Iceland

Photos from West Iceland

Whale watching

Photos from whale watching tours.

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